Meta is Removing a Host of Features from ‘Workrooms’, Requiring Users to Download Files Before June

Meta announced it’s pushing a major change to Workrooms, its virtual collaboration space that connects both VR and video chat users. The overhaul is set to improve, but also remove a slate of features, so Meta is suggesting active users download important data before the update’s May 30th rollout.

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For me it now reveals what Apple is up to. It is all about productive environment.
This is what I miss with other headsets I tried.
Again, it seems, that gadget is a game changer, not even touching games at all.
I would like to ad another review here, from a German website:
Apple Vision Pro: Write texts through “rose-colored” glasses
Do augmented reality tools like Apple Vision Pro also usher in a new era for office tasks like writing texts? A practical test provides answers.
Just read via Google-Translator, if you are interested.
In combination, it means, you have office workforce abilities wherever you are, and added collaboration features, replacing MS Teams, Zoom, what you have.
That is very impressing. If there is not soon an alternative, consider it to buy is alluring, regardless of the data privacy aspects, because this will be part of our common future.
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Yeah AVP does serve well in creating a focused device in steps. Even games have some function now through ALVE