You don't need to spend $3,500 on an Apple Vision Pro, just get a Quest 3 and

Be interesting to see if pimax makes the mr face plate.


Now we are getting to the crucial point, usage beyond games and showrooms on a fair booth.
I stumbled over this article “Quest owners can use Word, Excel, and PowerPoint in VR, but do you really want to?
So the XR aspect will be crucial, to replace an office desk, monitors etc.
If PIMAX does not deliver those features in time (next year latest), it will be even more difficult. Our IT deparment in my company is eagerly investigating, testing those features to provide services to internal and external customers. So, the focus is not only the Simmers of all kind (!) but just office workers will be affected heavily soon. I bet on.
What I would love to see is an independent environment (Linux derivat) with some OSS basic XR features and standards, to be a platform for XR,VR,MR devices.

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Linux environment would be quite cool. For me with Office? I think I would more prefer AR glasses vs a MR/VR hmd.(Easier to drink coffee)

But we are indeed seeing more ppl are seeing potential.

just in case someone else is as blind as me :upside_down_face: and didn’t find the apps name: it’s called the spatial app :nerd_face: and indeed looks nice, again something to buy and test. I can’t imagine myself to be productive with an HMD but since this can be used for entertainment too…

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I had to take another look after someone suggested the app name was not there. Thinking it was just a pure click bait article.

I will say the author should have maybe bolded, underlined and quoted. Vs italics and quoted. A quick skim and is easy to miss

Besides the click bait / joke (a training in media competences), the topic itself remains interesting.
IMHO, no current headset, including the Apple Vision can really be used for productive work. I see PIMAX 12K as my lowest entry level, if and when available, then need to check, if it really can replace office monitors and how about MR features (usable or just marketing gimmick).

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exactly, a video head set. There are already some articles about that topic published.

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Be interesting to start a chart with AVP specs & features and compare the updates the Q3 and programs that add AVP features.