Apple’s Mixed Reality Headset: The Game-Changer May Be Worthy of Its $3,000

While the pricetag is very high Apple has some cool ambitions with this headset that may truly drive adoption by showing real potential of what a AR/VR hmd can do.

If successful which we know Apple likely will be with releasing a well made refined device and software. Curious to see res& other specs. Pimax Crystal and 12k might be priced more economical for ppl with deep pockets; but honestly doubt these 2 top pimax products will compare well with battery life to be used at the level Apple is aiming for.

Imho Apple will likely match to exceed Crystal and Varjo Aero’s clarity.

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Currently, Apples MR Headset is still vaporware.
I have to say, because of the vendor lockin, I (probably) will never buy such a headset, regardless how shiny it is.
But I have to agree, the rumors may be correct and a real competitor will enter soon the market. Just let´s wait and see…

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Well tbh AppleXR hmd will not really be a competitor due to the pricepoint. Apple is said to be working with some game developers as well.

Due to imagine price Apple is not expecting high volume sales.

The Crystal for what most will buy it for will be a better value at about half the cost.

I am not likely be one to have one as also not fussy on being locked to apple. Windows atm is annoying enough. Though do enjoy my other Linux machines

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