Apple Vision Pro in hot water as users complain of headaches & weight -

Will be a similar risk for PIMAX 12K as well. Let´s wait and see for the final product. Apple´s headset is pure vendor lock in, no way out besides heavy hacking, if possible at all.
For me, it will be a straight forward “ignore it”. I rather would go with Linux.


I wouldn’t bother putting 12k as a compare as it is still seems to faraway. Vision Pro is at least in some ppl’s hands even if just a DeV kit or a proto sample to provide feedback

12k not even stable enough to do a proper demo; even though supposedly a few few events back they were going demo it until COVID & other factors deep sized the idea. Or maybe the plan was to use COVID all along as an excuse for no demo. As they never followed through with the after CES demo as was promised.

Lockee ecosystems are definitely no good. It is ashame Qualcomm didn’t put some kind of stipulation on th XR2 to ensure better cross Android platform support in titles.

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:slight_smile: Yap, I agree, regarding 12K its pure vaporware. Not sure if it comes true.
But even as a gift, or for free, I never will go into the Apple dungeon, locked in forever.:slight_smile:

Agreed Apple ecosystem is fairly restrictive. Prefer more open systems as you said like Linux

Tallymouse has some tidbits on the 12k but nothing really to write home about. See topic CES topic.

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