AWE USA 2023 | Marco Tries The Final Pimax Crystal - Best Picture In VR Right Now?

@trust_level_3 Should this be in pimax_hmd or here in HW_General so other AWE videos csn be in one spot?

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The hypervision prototype is quite interesting. Maybe Pimax should have done the wide fov like that in the first place.

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Pimax imho does not have that level of resources as of yet. Panasonic had one of the first fused lenses & Displays 220 hfov hmd as a prototype. I suspect Hypervision will need quad port rendering which could be another barrier

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I don’t think it’s necessary. The peripheral vision doesn’t need to be as high-res as the center ones. In the demo it seems they connected the outer displays with USB3 cables. I think it should be good enough.

The peeipheral being so wude would require quad port rendering to cover the needed camera views.

StarVR One used a form of quad port rendering if memory serves.

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