The OpenXR Forum

What’s happened to the OpenXR forum? Cant see it anymore. Times out.

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Maybe @calvinyau can look into it. Though it really is a dead platform. The time to save it was long long ago. Way too many breakdowns like th site cert expiring, poorly executed domain changes and leaving the mail server broken for months.


Who is the forum owner of OpenMR?
I thought it was PIMAX driven?

Pimax owns the forum. Robin had originally intended OpenMR to become independent with pimax as one of the sponsors.

But due to rebranding the original pimax forum instead of starting with a new install. The other issue as a result with pimax in those early days having problems getting things shipped and the support issues back then. OpenMR continued to be where folks went to seek help with support tickets. Add the 2 failed OpenMR stores which the last attempt they closed it leaving orders unresolved requiring refunds/chargebacks(support had even supported telling ppl to reverse charges)

OK, seems, it was before I joined, thanks. Still a bad sign, seems there is something going on.
The timeline in their current shop shows 70%, I remember, they told about 80%, so they “went back”. Really funny, but not unexpected.
I guess, I need to order replacement parts before they leave the market.

Pimax is just not planning things out well. They should have set the new server up for the move. Scheduled an announced maintenance that the site would be down. Restored a backup of the forum at a test domain. Made sure it works. Then set the OpenMR domain to connect to the new server if everything was working as expected. But pimax is pimax.

so, the forum is back now (at least for the time being) hopefully a hickup only.

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Yeah Calvin had it looked into when I reported it to him . Likely a hiccup from the server move