You don’t need a new PC

Though a pimax vr user will definitely disagree. :pi_smiley:

especially, when the Pimax 12K comes true…

Well I think that is still quite aways away. But we can go with current products like the 8kX if you want to push it with current high demanding requirements.

Just think of Doom3 and Crysis that were used well beyond there initial release as a benchmarking metric for years.

But for an average mid gamer what Linus is promoting is true.

I agree, average players should not have big issues.
But feasible VR with acceptable FoV and resolution burns current consumer hardware. I will not go below the 8KX any more.

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Agreed the 8kX like Doom 3 abd Crysis on launch is very demanding and like those titles will torture hardware to run them fully.

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