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Posted By Pimaxquorra on OpenMR

We’ve seen some creations with our Crystal on our Discord channel or on social media, with some of them seriously getting our approval. Here we share the best mods.

Side-charging for 45H battery life

Credit to: Cheezus-Crisp & Jason Lyon

You can basically get infinite battery life by using a 25W QC3.0 charger and a USB-C cable, and plug in the USB-C on the top right of the headset (normally used for firmware updates).

You can get a long cable and neatly fit it together with the DP cable so that it’s not in the way.

Headset foam for thinner faces

For smaller faces, if you want less light leakage, simply put in weatherseal into the sides of the facial padding. If you cut it neatly, it’s a pretty elegant solution!

3D print for more comfort

Credits to HeadsetHistorian

This comfort mod can be 3D printed, URL coming soon.

Using Index controllers

Credits: Dextro, Reinhard Roscher & Dextro

YouTuber and user Reinhard has this tutorial on how to use Index controllers with the Crystal, even without the lighthouse cover.

Comfort strap

Credits to: Omniwhatever

Even though Pimax is developing its own comfort strap (as an accessory), Omniwhatever also shared his comfort strap solution on Discord. This one is from StudioFormCreative:

Open Composite

Pimax OpenXR

Active DP repeaters

Recommended by Godas on Pimax Discord

Thingsverse 3dPrintables

WallCrystal Wallmounts (HMD and Controller)

deadly100 posted on r/pimax

Pimax Crystal - You CAN extend the cable…

Posted by Adam_SimPorium on r/pimax

Cable Extensions Crystal

Just here to confirm what is working for me. I am only extending in both cases by a 1m Amazon Basics 1.4 DP cable. While I expect you can extend by more than 1m, if only a little, I haven’t tried to.

  1. Using 5m cable and hub shipped with the Crystal. Powered DP repeater REQUIRED.

The hub already provides some extra USB cable length, so I only needed to extend the DP a little. The DP Repeater from Cable Matters works between the Crystal DP cable and Amazon DP cable. It is USB powered and I have just connected it to the same Crystal USB hub.

  1. Using the 6m fibre optic cable with the hub. Powered DP repeater NOT required.

Used a 1m Amazon Basics USB 3.0 cable to the same Crystal hub. In this instance, a DP Repeater is not required between the Crystal DP cable and Amazon DP cable, only a noon-powered female to female coupler.

Links (not affiliate):

Cable Matters DP Repeater:

DP 1.4 Coupler:

Amazon Basics 1.4 DP Cable:

Pimax 6m Fibre Optic Cable: 6M Fiber Optical Cable | Pimax

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[Crystal MOD]

Simple head strap mod for my Crystal

Posted By Excellent_Gur_8717 on r/pimax

Modded my Crystal with a BOBOVR M1 Plus Head Strap for quest2. I bought it on Amazon for less than 20$. Great improvement in comfort and stability. The design and balace of the factory head strap is good but the elastic band is stupid, and I think every Crystal user should replace it at least with an non-elastic one.

I have to narrow the back end of the band a bit using scissors so it can fit the hole above the battery. The bowl for the back of head is not necessary but it increases stability, and it can be fixed easily using tapes and ropes.

(“fixing the bowl”)

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Temp to organize info for optimizing prescript lenses with Focal length info on Crystal

@risa2000 Article on Canted Displays & Ipd pimax wfov hmds P2-Series (Artisan to 8kX)

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Got something interesting to share…this one can fully charge Crystal via the type-C with maximum power 20~24W

Amazon Canada
Amazon USA

For people run into any power issue, this maybe the final answer…
Also quick test bunch other 65W one as well, none of them works as well as this 100W one, maybe someone else got 100W GAN charger can test it out as well.


100W Gan Charger

Discord Invite

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Custom TPU Facial Interface

Posted By mynsmeisntgreggory on r/pimax

I created a TPU facial interface using a reverse engineered model of the Pimax Crystal and a 3d scan of my face. Similar to how Bigscreen creates their facial interface for the Beyond. I run a 3d print farm and if there’s enough interest I’d consider offering this as a service.

This is iteration 4, The image below shows the first 2 PLA test prints on the right. 2nd from the left is the first TPU iteration (had lots of print defects and was a bit too firm). Final iteration was printed in a better orientation with less infill.

Here’s a google drive link to the reverse engineered headset along with instructions for how to make your own if you have a TPU capable printer. I’m also experimenting with a resin printer.

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Some thoughts on the IPD discrepancy

By @risa2000

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Pimax Crystal comfort mod - facial interface

Posted by Sacapuces on r/pimax

Since it was asked on another post, here is my solution to have a better/more comfortable fit for the facial interface

I’ll probably make a better version in the near future to eliminate some light leakage but this made the headset way more comfortable to wear for me (like the index)

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The topstrap was out of stock so I had to take matters into my own hands butchered an old bobo Q2 strap I had lying about , worked surprisingly well, and the padding on it is really nice

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